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The Power Of A Good Workout Set

You know the people that swear by the idea that wearing a cute workout set makes them workout 10x harder? Well, they're either just shopaholics trying to validate the need for more athleisure or it's a true fact - I choose the latter statement.

We all know I love a good workout set and I truly think at this point I own more athleisure than regular clothes, but then again I basically live in workout clothes so it kind of makes sense. I am constantly on the lookout for new athleisure brands and good sets. For me to become obsessed with a workout brand, there are a few major things I take into account before becoming hooked:

  • Overall fit - I don't like when my workout clothes are too tight, but I also cannot stand when they slide down during a workout. The fit is crucial for me and I make sure that the pieces I buy are ideal for all types of movement.

  • Material - I love a buttery, sweat-wicking material. I am not into thick materials for workout clothes. I love my workout sets to feel almost like a second skin, but supportive at the same time.

  • Quality - this is a big one for me. I workout daily, so overall quality and pieces that are going to last is a priority for me. I also test all workout sets before buying to make sure they aren't see through.

With the above in mind, I've put together a list of my active aesthetic approved brands that I truly love below:

  • Varley - my current favorite out of all brands. I constantly find myself reaching for my Varley sets because they feel like butter on and they are SO cute. I get compliments every single time I wear this brand.

  • Splits59 - this one is a newfound love for me. I actually got gifted some of their pieces and was immediately hooked. The softest fabrics and just so easy to throw on.

  • FP Movement - tried and true is an understatement. FP Movement can do no wrong in my eyes. They hold you in all of the right places and are so flattering. I'm obsessed with the Good Karma and Happiness Runs collections.

  • Alo - I love *most* of Alo's pieces. A couple of my favorites are the Wellness Bra and the Airlift Leggings.

  • Beyond Yoga - one of my OG loves. The quality is 10/10 and the pieces are literally so comfy that I could sleep in them. I love this brand for working out, running errands, lounging around the house, and everything in between.

I love discovering different brands, so if you have any favorites let me know!



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