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Online Workout Trainers That You Need To Have On Your Radar

Five months ago when the world went into quarantine, one of my first thoughts aside from the emotions of everything going on in the world was 'HOW THE F AM I GOING TO WORKOUT ?!'

If you told me at that point that I would become obsessed with working out at home, I would have called you crazy. Never say never. Fast forward and I now wake up excited to start my day with the online trainers + classes I have found, in the comfort of my own space.

I want to emphasize how important it is to find what works for your body and what actually makes you feel good, both mentally and physically. For the longest time, I was doing workouts that I was used to, out of habit, and had a hard time branching out. One of the silver linings I have found throughout COVID is the ability to shift my mindset and explore different methods of working out. I have adapted to the available circumstances and I now have online classes I LOVE and they still deliver the sweat I crave daily --

The Sculpt Society has become my new daily go-to. Fun, effective and guaranteed to make you sweat - these workouts are no.joke. I do the 45-50 min full body classes at least 4 days per week.

I found her workouts while I was scouring YouTube one day and haven't looked further since. Her workouts are the definition of short + effective. I do her 15 minute six pack ab video, HERE, almost every day.

When I am craving a hard HIIT workout, this is my go to. Joe has a variety of workouts on his IG page as well as programs that he releases to keep you motivated.

Love following her YouTube videos when I want to add a little something extra to a workout I am already doing. She also does IG lives almost every morning at 9AM PST that I tune into once in a while.

While these are my favorites, every body is different so I urge you to find what works for YOU. There is no better feeling than the post-workout feeling, so here is your push to get up and get after it -- Xx.


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