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Nice To Meet You, I'm Kaitlin Maroney

I AM A …

+ Wellness + Style Blogger

+ Los Angeles native living in NYC

+ 24 year-old female currently working in Influencer Marketing

+ Huge matcha enthusiast

I started the active aesthetic a few months before quarantine hit and since then I have decided to turn my Instagram into a blog as a creative outlet. I have always had a love for creative writing and since I get questions daily about wellness + style, I decided it’s time for me to share my outlook with the world!

I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to build a community of badass babes that share the same love for living a fashionably healthy lifestyle. I pride myself on keeping things real, 100% of the time and I will always be genuine and honest to those willing to listen to my opinions and views on all the things.

When it comes to style, I am full on obsessed with clothing and keeping up with current fashion as it is constantly evolving. Call me crazy, but you know how most people check Instagram or some form of social media as soon as they wake up?! Well, I give myself about 30 minutes to fully wake up and then I check on all things fashion – I read articles, check new arrivals from my favorite brands and just overall keep up with everything. I love finding designer pieces for less, aka items that look exactly the same for a fraction of the price. I do believe in mixing highs and lows and I will occasionally splurge on the more expensive items. There is one other thing I love as much as style + that’s wellness.

Some refer to me as the queen of self-care – both mentally and physically. I am a huge advocate for treating your body like a temple both on the inside and outside. Stick with me and I will spill the tea on all of my self-care rituals, favorite workouts, healthy snacks, and everything in between.

I am excited to share my personal style and overall lifestyle that is not only relatable, but attainable. Check back every Friday for new blog posts. – Welcome to the active aesthetic, LET’S DO THIS! Xx


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