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My Fav Snacks

To be completely honest, I have never been a big snacker, but over the years I have found my favorite 'snack' brands that are essential to have on hand in case hangry starts to hit or I just need a mid-day munch.

Clean ingredients are a must when it comes to snacking and I am avid about checking labels to make sure i'm not putting sh*t into my body. All of my fav snacks have ingredients that you can actually pronounce/understand and they taste unreal --

+ Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

My current favorite- these literally melt in your mouth. Go get them and thank me later.

+ Hu Chocolate

The best chocolate on the planet. It has taken me a while to find a delicious vegan chocolate brand, but Hu nailed it. I always have one of these in my fridge for when the chocolate craving hits.

+ Madeby Cookie Dough

This is more of a treat versus a snack, but it is amazing. I love that it has adaptogens and so many nutritional benefits.

+ Siete Fuego Chips

The only 'tortilla-ish' chips i'll eat. These are so good and I love the kick that the Fuego flavor packs.

+ Paleonola

I love this granola for topping my coconut yogurt bowls. This chocolate flavor and the Maple Pancake flavor are my favorites.

+ Bitchin' Sauce

A sauce that lives up to the name. Super clean ingredients and tastes unreal on everything.

+ Seasnax

Love to snack on these. The wasabi flavor is my absolute fav.

+ Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

The only dairy free chocolate chips that I have been able to find and they are perfect for adding to my Sunday morning chocolate chip pancakes, eating with popcorn as a post-dinner dessert, and everything in between.

+ Barnana Plantain Chips

Obsessed with these chips. All of the flavors are amazing, but my favs are Sea Salt + Vinegar and Acapulco Lime.

+ Revolutionary Earthy Hummus

I seriously love hummus and I could eat the whole container of this in one sitting, it is that good. My fav flavors are Cilantro Jalapeño and Cayenne.

Happy snacking !! Xx


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