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June Style Splurges

In the morning when most people wake up and instantly check social media, I wake up and instantly check new arrivals from the brands I love. Maybe that sounds crazy to some, but I have always loved fashion and I love to watch the evolution of trends.

For me, style is a way to express myself without having to say anything. If I had to sum up my personal style in three words, it would be: timeless, chic, and effortless. I love to keep things simple, no crazy patterns and colors here.

During quarantine, I have definitely still been browsing the latest looks, but i've had a hard time getting myself to commit to pieces due to the unknown of when i'll actually be able to wear them, hence why this series is called June Style Splurges. I usually classify a splurge much like how other people would, spending more than you normally would on a special item. For me, spending during quarantine is a special occurrence, so here are my latest splurges --

Nothing makes a statement more than a good chain necklace. I have always loved the contrast of mixing silver + gold, so basically this is me in a necklace and I had to have it.

The perfect summer slide - obsessed with the tube detail + the color. I will be wearing these non-stop all season.

This look is hit or miss for people, but I absolutely love it. These shorts can be dressed up or down and are just a classic staple in my closet.

There is really nothing better than a bomb pair of gold hoops, am I right?! Gold hoops are the secret sauce to make any outfit look more put together + chic.

I've been wearing the same sunglasses for years now, so I figured it was time to invest in a new pair and I love the simplicity of these.

The best denim, literally ever. I have never worn a brand of jeans that is more flattering than Re/Done. This is my third pair of this brand that I have added to my closet and they are my go to for denim. The fit, style, shape - everything about Re/Done is perfection.

The latest set I have added to my workout clothing addiction. This one sat in my cart for a while because the metallic look is a bit bold for me, but it has become my new favorite. It is so comfortable and insanely cute. I have been wearing this one on repeat since I got it.



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