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the active aesthetic

Q: what does your ideal sunday look like?

A: sunday is my favorite day of the week -- an ideal sunday would be waking up early, getting in some kind of movement (walk or a hike), going to the farmer's market and then taking a drive down PCH to spot all of my favorite vintage cars, and then hitting the beach with my golden retriever, Jett. 

Q: if you could live anywhere, where would it be?

A: i've always been very intrigued by the Italian Countryside. even though I've never been, I imagine a life there being full of simplicity. ideally, i'd live in a place with lots of land so that i can have a farm, veggie garden, and a wellness oasis of my own.

Q: what is your favorite book?

A: anything Colleen Hoover -- I am absolutely obsessed with her writing. my favorite book by her: Reminders of Him (10/10, highly recommend!)

Q: what makes you happy?

A: spending time with my family and my golden retriever, there's nothing better. 

Q: what is your favorite quote?

A: "work hard in silence, let success make the noise." -- have and always will be my favorite words to live by. 

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